Next-Generation Management Portal

A simple and easy tool for your staff that helps them look up more and strengthen the connection with your residents.
The intuitive interface ensures that through one screen, staff can stay up to minute with what's happening in the building.

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The nearby residents tile is real time, showing the people that are around you or in your amenity spaces.  Simply by clicking on their faces, you can see real time information about their personal preferences, habits and building level needs.

Resident Profile

An easy to read profile allows you to get to know a resident quickly, giving your staff a deeper understanding of each resident and finding commonality. The Bio fields are all fully customizable by managers, with each layer drillable for more information.

Real Time Activity

The activity tab gives you a live view of all the information about your residents activity: work orders, deliveries, bookings, visitors, car requests, and anything else that your residents have received or requested. All in real time.

Unlock your building's full potential

Riseio provides building administrators and staff the incredible benefit of a powerful yet amazingly simple-to-use web portal that enables complete user and building administration.

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