Next-Generation Resident App

The Riseio resident app makes it easy for your community to take care of every task efficiently saving time, keeping residents informed and making the management teams' job easier. Riseio reminds the residents of all the benefits of living in your building.

Unprecedented Engagement & Satisfaction

A modern app that residents love, Riseio is the best resident app in the industry.

4.8 Stars on the iOS App Store
90% eligible residents use the app monthly


Scrolling tiles keep residents engaged highlighting all of the benefits of living in your building. The experience changes based on the location that the resident is in, keeping each session exciting.

A native experience allows the residents to touch any tile and follow the intuitive buttons. Residents are able to to call their vehicle through valet, text staff to ask a question or make a request, see their deliveries, add visitors, request a work order, book a service or amenity, RSVP to an event while adding it to their calendar, pay rent or simply see all the benefits that they have living in your building.


The building tab gives you access to all the information about your building:

  • Contact Information
  • Amenities
  • Services
  • Rewards / Local Discounts
  • Fitness Classes

Unlock your building's full potential

Riseio provides building administrators and staff the incredible benefit of a powerful yet amazingly simple-to-use web portal that enables complete user and building administration.

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